Hair care from Nature

Plant-based products, zero chemicals & plastic-free

All our products have been tested for heavy metals, are cruelty-free, vegan, and chemical free. They are uniquely crafted and safe to use, for you and the environment.

Beauty that doesn't compromise health

If you are looking for high-quality organic ingredients and sustainability, our products are the right choice: made in Italy and 100% plant-based.

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Made in Italy

Conlemany's range of products are 100% made in Italy, and meet current European Cosmetics Regulations.

AIAB Bio Eco

Our products conform to the Bio Eco Cosmetics standards of AIAB (The Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).


Our packaging is never made from fossil-fuel based carbon plastics, only from plant-based, sustainable resources.


Our products are manufactured and developed by methods that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world.

Nickel tested

Our products have been specifically tested for nickel content to ensure safe levels throughout our range.

Derma tested

All our products and formulas have been dermatologically tested by the relevant authority.

Our customers love us!


"An unbelievable team who have created an alternative to chemicals in hair colour. Converted. Love the end result."

Jane O' Connor

"The natural hair dye is amazing, I would not go back to chemical. My hair is so healthy and looks great. And I love their new range of organic shampoos and soaps too!"

Melanie Clissmann

"Amazing amount of products, and the quality is top notch!"

Fred Eliot

"I have had such a wonderful experience, getting my 'fango vegetale' scalp treatment by Conlemany. It made my hair so strong and flexible, the results are simply mindblowing!"

Lianna Sabo
OUR Philosophy
100% Natural Philosophy

Flowers and plants gave us the inspiration and energy to create a perfect mix of these precious elements. “Conlemany” is our mental attitude, supporting nature and eco-sustainability to replace traditional cosmetics.