Learn to use our products

Let us show you how easy it is to use Conlemany hair products. Enjoy the benefits of our 100% plant-based hair care, so you can step away from chemical substances, that are just damaging your hair.

Welcome to a brand new world!

How to apply Conlemany plant-based hair colours

Follow the steps shown in the video to ensure a perfect application of our organic hair colours.

If you are unsure about what colour to purchase, feel free to request a free consultation from any hair colour product pages.

Apply Conlemany plant-based colours in 4 simple steps


Wash your hair using a delicate shampoo (we recommend Conlemany Energising Shampoo). Do not add any care or styling products. Dry and comb through your hair. We recommend using gloves.


Put Conlemany plant-based colour into a non-metallic bowl. Boil water. Using a brush or other non-metallic implement, slowly add boiled water into the powder and stir well. To achieve a creamy consistency which is not too liquid and easy to apply we recommend adding 20g of Althaea by Conlemany. Protect your clothing by placing a towel around your shoulders.


Using your hands wearing the gloves, apply a good amount of product first to your roots, then work your way down to the tips. Do this for each section of hair, strand by strand, until the whole hair is covered evenly. In case of left-over paste, spread it all over the hair and massage it in with your hands.


After you are done with the application, cover the hair with a clingfilm (preferably compostable) and wrap a towel around your head to keep the hair warm. Depending on desired results and texture of your hair, you can adjust the application time individually.