Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our packaging is eco-friendly and recycled with our goal of keeping packaging to a minimum.

Our Conlemany Eco-Friendly packages

We only use recyclable packages with the aim to minimise the use of packaging. Their material is also selected based on its biodegrability and low environmental impact. Respect for men and environment has always been a fundamental part of our company’s philosophy.

Bottle: GREEN PE

GREEN PE is a bioplastic made from renewable sources. It is actually a common polyethylene obtained from sugar cane instead of oil andit is not biodegradable. Being a simple polyethylene, it can be recycled by urban waste recovery.
Advantages: no oil extraction.
Disadvantages: high cost of raw material


Designed to elevate your packaging’s sustainability credentials. This product offers a renewablealternative to fossil-based film, made from pulp production residues. This eco-designed wood-based face film is a multi-purpose product for squeezable and conformable containers, havingidentical performance to standard PE materials. The product complies with EU regulations onfood safety.The Forest Film is an ISCC PLUS certified product. ISCC PLUS certified plastic film is produced byusing sustainable resources to replace an equivalent amount of 7/ fossil resources in the productionprocess (mass balance approach).

Regenerated cellulose biodegradable cling film: PLA

PLA is a compostable bioplastic, with aesthetic features similar to PET, but with a limited shelf-life which makes it hardly compatible with the cosmetic supply chain.

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Biodegradable Paper bag: KRAFT PAPER BAG / ALOX COATED PLA

Our Eco Kraft Stand Up Pouches are a great choice for packaging food. The pouch is 5 mil thick and made of 65 gsm kraft paper for outstanding durability. The interior has a PLA lining and a clear protective ALOX coating for extra strength and barrier. This pouch is made from 100% certified compostable materials and food safe. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from 100% certified compostable materials 
  • Eco friendly
  • Food safe – FDA approved materials

Recycled Plastic

Bottle - Jar - Label


Recycled Plastic

Bottle - Jar - Label


Recycled Paper

Regenerated cellulose biodegradable cling film

Label - Paper bag


Kraft + PLA Paper Bag

Label - Paper bag